Discovery Groups

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We believe that it is important to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another and to serve others in our community.

One of the best ways to grow and care for one another is in the context of meeting together in Discovery Groups. This enables us to discuss and apply the principles from God’s Word to our lives. We also encourage one another by praying and caring for each other within the group. Our goal is that we would become disciples of Jesus. This should continually motivate us to invite others to join our Discovery Group so that God’s kingdom may grow and multiply.

IMG_4043 resizedIt is essential for a healthy Discovery Group that we make building relationships a priority, that Discovery Groups divide and multiply, and that the focus of the Group should be living out the Christian faith. We aim to gather together fortnightly to experience the presence, the power and the purpose of Christ in our lives.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in a Discovery Group.

Coordinators – Paul and Janneke

Discovery Groups meet at various times and places for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. The Bible studies are co-ordinated across all the groups and the same topic is often the subject of messages at Revive on Sundays. This unites the church as we have common goals in our applications of the Bible study.