Discovery Groups

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As well as providing Sunday services, we co-ordinate a number of smaller groups that meet regularly through the week to help people grow in their faith and connect with each other. These groups are an enjoyable yet essential part of our church life. Groups meet in a variety of suburbs and around different topics, interests or stages of life.

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When groups meet, the time typically includes refreshments or an enjoyable activity, sharing weekly highs and lows, discussing a Bible passage and applying the principles from it to our lives.

Coordinators: George & Dipti

Our goal through groups is to discover who God is and grow to become all that He wants us to be. It’s the place where the rubber hits the road; where our faith gets practical and is applied in our lives. We also regularly encourage one another by praying for and helping each other out in life’s challenges. It’s also a great place to bring questions of life and faith as no question is too difficult or too basic.

Here are a few quotes from people who are part of Discovery Groups this year:

“I like the format of the group. There is also an emphasis on applying God’s word in our everyday lives – it’s not just a theoretical study”.

“My closest friends at church are the ones in my Discovery Group where we have explored God’s word together and shared life’s blessings and challenges through prayer time”.

Groups in 2021

There are eight groups to choose from this year.

Topic When? Where? Who?
The Growth Path @ Nth Ryde Christian Church 11:30am Sunday Church, North Ryde Mixed
How churches began – Acts 1-12 6:00pm Sunday North Ryde Mixed
The future – Readings from Revelation 6:30pm Monday Ryde Young adults
How churches began – Acts 1-12 7:30pm Monday Marsfield Mixed
Basic Christianity 7:30pm Wednesday Carlingford New Christians & inquirers
Isaiah 55 onwards 10am Thursday Church, North Ryde Senior men
The risen Christ 10am Thursday Church, North Ryde Senior women
How churches began – Acts 1-12 7:30pm Thursday Epping Mixed
How churches began – Acts 1-12 7:30pm Thursday Wentworth Point Mixed

Note: Meeting places are subject to COVID-19 restrictions from time to time.

To learn more about these groups or to register to join one, please use the form below to contact George Mathew.