No one knows what tomorrow will bring

No one knows what tomorrow will bringHave you ever had to walk in the dark? I mean when it’s can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark? For those of us not used to it, walking in the dark can be slow and scary. We may have an idea of a destination but we can’t always be sure we’re going in the right direction. We desperately search for something familiar or a sliver of light to guide us.

Does your life feel like a walk in the dark right now? Not sure what’s going to happen next? Not sure where you’re going? The truth is the path that lies before each one of us is shrouded in darkness. No one knows with complete certainty what tomorrow will bring. Some, usually those with less life experience, may think they know but it is a delusion. While we have choices and influence we do not have control over our future. That may trigger fear in you, but those of us who trust Jesus have a special secret about walking in the dark.

Psalm 119 verse 105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light on my path.”

God’s word provides the light we need to take the next step into the darkness. Knowing God through the Bible, knowing Jesus who called Himself “the light of the world,” (John 8:12) means knowing someone who can safely guide us through the unknown places. Have you accepted the light giving guidance of Jesus as you walk through this dark world? By trusting Him with your journey you give up the delusion (and the burden) of control. By trusting God’s word to guide your next steps you admit God knows the terrain better than you. By trusting Jesus as you walk through the darkness you may not know what’s coming but you know who’s coming with you – the all powerful God who loves you.

And beyond the unlit path, through the darkness, in the blurry distance there is a bright and beautiful city. A destination of light, an eternal home without uncertainty and unknowns, without tears and pain. You can trust Jesus as the one and only guide through the darkness to get you there.

Prayer: Dear God, there’s so much to fear, so much out of my control, so much I don’t know. I hand all these worries over to you now as I trust you to guide me through life and finally into the heavenly city. Please help me to trust you and your word to guide me each step along the way. In Jesus name, Amen.

Acknowledgement: This article was sourced from Outreach Media, Sydney, Australia.
Images and text © Outreach Media 2022

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