Leadership team

Jesus Christ is the leader of all true believers and of our church. Through the Holy Spirit, He equips elders and deacons for leadership roles (1 Timothy 3:1-13).

As our church has a group of elders, we don’t have a clergy, a pastor, or a minister. We believe that such plural leadership is in accordance with the teachings of the New Testament.

Our elders are: Peter Beeby, Josh Groenestyn, Bill Jansen, George Mathew, Geoff Murrey, and Scott Pattison.

Geoff and Jenny

Bill and Ruth

Josh&Deb 1200px

Josh and Debbie

George and Dipti

Peter and Jill

Scott and Stacey

Our deacons are: Joe Gindy, Justin Jansen, Steve Mylonas, Erik Carapetian and Anthony Fourie.

Joe – Finance

Justin – Events

Steve – Administration

Erik – Building & facilities

Anthony Fourie

Anthony – Technology