Our vision is …

Our teaching and practices will be based on the truths and principles given to the church in the New Testament as detailed in our Statement of Faith.

Our aim is to be a Bible-based church that:

  • Honours God the Father,
  • Worships and serves the Lord Jesus Christ, and
  • Is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our aim is to be people who:

  • Love one another by serving each other;
  • Seek to build good relationships with one another;
  • Are encouraging, joyful, positive and supportive;
  • Train and support our members to grow and share the gospel message (which is the good news of God’s gift of eternal life in heaven, available though faith in Jesus Christ; instead of eternal suffering in hell);
  • Are enthusiastic about the gospel;
  • Encourage one another to reach out to others in the community; and
  • Support missionaries spreading the gospel locally and globally.

We plan to make an impact by: