Two reasons to praise God

God's power and loveGod deserves our praise and worship because He created the universe and everything in it (Rev. 4:11). This should be obvious (Rom. 1:19-20). Creation is huge and complicated. Scientists will never understand it all. It looks like it’s been designed. And God not only created matter and energy, He also created the laws of science and mathematics. So, He’s the source of everything that’s good.

But people’s rebellion against God spoilt His original perfect creation. So, we live in a flawed world that can be cruel. And because we all rebel against the holy God, everyone will face God’s judgment and deserves to go to hell forever.

But the Bible says that God also deserves our praise and worship because the death of Jesus Christ satisfied God’s demands for payment for our rebellion against Him (Rev.5:9-10). He took our hell so we could have His heaven and reign in His kingdom. So, He is the Saviour (or rescuer or liberator) of those who accept His salvation.

How do we remember people? How do we remember Queen Elizabeth? Often by photos or by remembering how they looked. Photos of the person who died are usually shown at funeral services. We also remember occasions by taking photos. But we can’t remember Jesus that way because He lived before cameras were invented!

Jesus asked His followers to remember Him in a particular way – in the Lord’s Supper, which involved sharing a simple meal – bread and wine, which was the most common food and drink at that time. It was interactive and corporate, not static and individual like a cross or a crucifix, or a photo.


Father, we admire your power shown in creation and your love shown by Jesus that fuels our praise and worship. You are indeed the source and the Saviour.

We thank you for sending Jesus to die so that our sins might be put away forever. So, we offer thanks and praise for all that you have done through Jesus.
In Christ’s name, Amen.

G Hawke

About George Hawke

I live in Sydney, Australia
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