Everyone praising and worshipping

Philippians 2 is about the humility and exaltation of Jesus Christ. It says that He went from the highest place (equality with God the Father), to the lowest place (death as a criminal) and back to the highest place (the right hand of God the Father). After describing Christ’s incarnation and death, Paul writes, “ThereforeContinue reading “Everyone praising and worshipping”

Regular praise and thanksgiving

Kids Camp starts in the Blue Mountains next Sunday. One of the stories that will be told there is the healing of Namaan in 2 Kings 5. Namaan was a commander in the Syrian army who was healed of an incurable skin disease like leprosy when he followed instructions given by the prophet Elisha. It’sContinue reading “Regular praise and thanksgiving”

Responding to external problems

What keeps you awake at night? According to the World Economic Forum, the biggest risks facing our world in 2019 are climate change, natural disasters, large-scale conflicts and cyber attacks. And many people struggle with poverty. David wrote many psalms in the Bible and it seems as though he spent many sleepless nights. One ofContinue reading “Responding to external problems”

Responding to personal problems

My parents in-law are going through tough times with weakness because of chemotherapy and confusion because of dementia. We can all experience such internal problems, which can be physical or mental. After all, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble” (Jn. 16:33). Twelve of the psalms are prayers for God’s help for illnessContinue reading “Responding to personal problems”

Worship in Revelation

What is worship? The Greek verb to worship proskuneo (Strongs #4352) occurs 60 times in the New Testament and 24 (40%) of these are in the book of Revelation. It’s the main book about worship in the New Testament. In this way, the book of Revelation is like the book of Psalms. In Revelation, worshipContinue reading “Worship in Revelation”

The Hallel psalms – Part 2

After Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper with His disciples, the Bible says that they finished by singing a hymn (Mt. 26:30; Mk. 14:26). This hymn was probably Psalm 118, the last of the Jewish Hallel (praise) psalms (Ps. 113-118). Here’s the highlights of this psalm. Psalm 118 It begins and ends with a call toContinue reading “The Hallel psalms – Part 2”

The Jewish Hallel psalms – Part 1

The Lord’s Supper was instituted at the last supper when Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples on the night before He was crucified. The Biblical account finishes, “When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives” (Mt. 26:30; Mk. 14:26). The hymn they sang was probably one of theContinue reading “The Jewish Hallel psalms – Part 1”