Strangest thing – Jesus will come again

Strangest thing - Jesus will come againThe day of reckoning – it’s an exciting moment in the movie or TV show we’re watching. Finally the wrongdoers get exposed, the evil monster is overpowered and defeated, justice is served. It appears to be a universal longing played out in film and television across cultures and time. We also hope for a judgement day in the real world as we watch televised court cases about abusers, big corporations causing harm in the interest of making money, corrupt politicians using their power for personal gain and the actions of despotic dictators. But when it comes to a universal, ultimate day of reckoning we’re not so keen. The Christian doctrine of a final judgement day is often seen as archaic, incompatible with a loving God or just plain laughable.

Just before His arrest the Bible records Jesus telling His eleven closest friends and followers (though somewhat obscurely) that it’s time for him to die, be resurrected and return to heaven (John 13:31-33). But He also reassures His dear friends –

I will come back.” John 14:3

This second coming of Jesus is described as a world-wide final day of reckoning when all human secrets, hidden (and not so hidden) wrongdoing will be exposed and judged with perfect justice. Doesn’t that sound like a moment when we can all stand up out of our seats and applaud? Or perhaps not. Perhaps we are scared of our own secret wrongs being judged. Perhaps we’re not sure if we’ve done enough good or are good enough.

But here’s the plot twist, when Jesus tells His disciples He’s coming back He tells them as a
reassurance. Jesus said He was going to die on the cross, rise from the dead, and return to heaven to make a way for His followers to join Him there. And that’s what He did. By dying and rising again Jesus takes on the judgement and punishment of all so that any who want to receive forgiveness can follow Him into heaven.

The Bible assures us that a day of reckoning is coming. Year after year passes by – seemingly without end. Corruption and abuse continues often without consequence. But Jesus will return. He will judge and punish all wrong with perfect justice. And He will take any who trust Him with Him into eternal peace and glory. Will you be cheering or cowering on that day?

Prayer: Dear God, I confess I have done wrong. I know I can’t stand before your perfect judgement. Please forgive me because of what Jesus has done. I want to be with you in perfection forever. Amen.

Acknowledgement: This article was sourced from Outreach Media, Sydney, Australia.
Images and text © Outreach Media 2022

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